Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Job Lamenting

I got a new job. It fucking rocks. I love it so much I want to marry it. I'm a baller and The Boss and all that good stuff. I even have an OFFICE, though I share it with my assistant (whom I'd like to share this blog with someday..) On a social level, my new job is amazing because everyone is nice and mostly friendly to this new fat girl in their office.
But let's face it, there's always a few moments in a new environment that us fat people come up against.
-Free Lunch: the biggest problem in the world. god. it's like, you see food in the conference room at like 11:30am, when you are fucking RAVENOUS and the first thought is "Score! Free lunch." But jesus, who wants to be the fat girl who always asks about the leftover food in the break room? ME! Usually I don't give a shit, but these people dont know me yet. Can't be the stereotype yet. Had to wait until someone offered it. Longest 12 minutes of my life.

-Chairs and Desks: I got SOOO lucky with my chair at this office; it's super comfy and wide for my . But it creaks, and the desk creaks. Every little adjustment and scoot I make sounds like a fucking haunted house. I lean on the desk because I get so damn excited about my work that I have to lean in to it (don't you?). So I lean back and same thing. So embarrassing.

OMG, as I was writing this my coworker came in and was munching on some sliced apples. I don't know if I was like staring down his snack, cuz he offered me one. HAHAHA! Can I ever stop using my fat kid side of the brain? lord...

Anyway, I'm starving, so I'll catch up with you later.

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  1. dude okay I was like that when I first got to mapleton in slo. I mean there was free fucking food all the time and it drove me crazy because I really wanted to lose all my unemployment weight. i don't know how i finally "beat" the cravings, but its just as hard here, we get free catered mexican food three times a week. wut?